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The Bake With Love Project strives to fight food insecurity in Centre County through its partnership with The Travelin’ Table. The Centre County YMCAs started the Travelin’ Table in 2020 as a way to safely distribute food to individuals and families amongst the Covid-19 pandemic. Just from March to August of 2020 the Travelin’ Table supplied over 339,000 meals to Centre County residents. They are working to fill a need in the Centre County community and the Bake with Love Project was started to support them and their efforts against food insecurity.




The first part of the Bake With Love Project is the Bake With Love Cookbook. These recipes come from professional and amateur bakers ranging from 11-85 years old. Many cultures are represented in Bake With Love, including: Jewish, Armenian, Russian, Columbian, Indian, Italian, Polish, Hong Kong, Swedish, Ukranian, “Pennsylvanian Dutch” Mennonite… The Bake With Love Cookbook goes beyond the recipe by sharing the stories and traditions surrounding the dish. 



To order a cookbook please visit the “Order Now” tab on our website. 



Stay tuned for more exciting projects from Bake With Love! 

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